Our Bread


At Longfield Farm we bake more than 50 kinds of breads. But, by far, our customers’ favorites are our sourdoughs. We bake our Pains au Levain and Tartines in a wood fired beehive oven. We use only the best flours, including organically grown, local whole wheat and rye flours that we grind on the farm. Beginning in 2015, we will be adding our own wheat to our whole grain breads.


Here’s a sampling of what we can do:


Sourdough Dinner Rolls
Pain au Levain
Tartine (a la Chad Roberts)
50% Whole Wheat
German Rye

Pre-Fermented Yeast Breads

Whole Wheat

Traditional Yeast Breads

Healthy Harvest Multigrain
Pain Ordinaire
Honey Buttermilk Cinnamon Raisin
Waterford Blaa
Raw Milk Farmhouse White
Wood Fired Bagels
Brioche Burger Buns
Finnish Rye

Soda Breads

Irish Scones
Irish Brown Bread
Scottish Scones 

You can buy our breads at the Delmar Farmers Market (Saturdays 9-1) during the summer. We have limited space in our Winter Bread Club. Contact us by clicking here to find out more.


Scones and brioche

Scones and brioche


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