Our Lamb


We sell grass-fed lamb by subscription. The product is cut to our customers’ specifications, cryovac-packed and deep frozen. This is the safest packaging available. We use small, local, USDA-certified processors and master butchers to prepare meats that are safe, humanely processed and cut to the exact specifications of our customers.

Our lambs are born “on grass” in the spring. We find this to be the least stressful time to lamb. After its birth the lamb spends a day alone in the barn with its mom so that they can develop a strong bond. By day two, mom and lamb (or twins) are back on pasture with the rest of the flock. The lambs are often nibbling on grass by day three.

The only foods that our sheep eat are the grasses and wildflowers in our pastures, hay in the winter and mineral and salt supplements. They only receive antibiotics when sick (in conventional farming, antibiotics are often used as growth stimulants) and they never, ever receive hormones.

Our pasture rotation program and the use of chickens to eat parasites in the barn and fields reduces and in some years completely eliminates the need to use parasite medications.

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